How to Create Email template In Salesforce A Tutorial

How to Create Email template In Salesforce: A Tutorial

With salesforce, it is possible to create email templates that have different customization levels depending on the task as well as the account type. This is quite relatively a simple process.

One caveat however, is that for the customization you need to have some knowledge of the Visualforce script and regardless of account type the templates may not be more than 1MB in size. In addition, you must have “Customize Application” enabled if you wish to make custom email templates.

This article is a tutorial on how to create email template in Salesforce.  If you do not wish to use Visualforce and prefer to use the boxed templates included in Salesforce then a wizard is provided for you.

How to Create Email template In Salesforce A Tutorial

Procedure on How to Create Email Template in Salesforce

1. Click on “Setup” then Email then “My Templates.” If you have the necessary permission to edit templates click on “Setup” then “Communication Templates” then “Email Templates.”

2. Click on “New Template.”

3. If you prefer you can now use the wizard but otherwise click on “Visualforce” and then Next.

4. Choose the folder in which you would like to store the template. You need to make sure that you choose a folder that has a moderately short path that is easy to find or you may risk losing it of getting it unintentionally overwritten later.

5. Choose the “Available For Use” checkbox if you want the template to be offered to others as well.

6. Populate the “Email Template Name” field with your name of choice for the template.

7. You will now probably be required to change the “Template Unique Label”. If this is the case then do it, otherwise just ignore it. This option is for discerning templates with a similar name in the database.

8. Now, you need to determine the type of encoding you will use for character sets. Standard English normally uses ASCII but others such as Cyrillic or Asian languages may require use of Unicode sets. If unsure then consult your tech department.

9. Give a description for the template that will allow for you and other users to distinguish it later. This together with the unique label enables otherwise similar templates to stand out from each other with minimal frustration.

10. Provide the details for the “Email Subject,” “Related To,” and “Recipient” fields. The “Related To” field is optional but it is standard procedure to give a value to this field.

11. Click on “Save” then “Edit Template.”

12. Enter the template’s Visualforce markup. Visaulforce is quite simplistic around on the level of HTML. You can find many examples and references online to simplify the process.

13. Click on “Save” again.


This method on how to create email template in Salesforce is a much lengthier process than most of the other tasks in salesforce and is probably the most complicated unless your desire is to use the wizard which gets rid of the Visualforce aspect. There you have it, all you need to do is simply follow the 13 steps provided in this tutorial, and you will know how to create email template in Salesforce.