Strategic Management of Businesses – A Cakewalk For Patrick Imbardelli

Most entrepreneurs make genuine efforts to make good decisions, but do not know how to make the right approach towards the same. If their decisions turn wrong, the business suffers badly. Business owners seldom have time to do all these things. So they have relied mostly on their managers to evaluate their business goal and to take a sound decision that can yield them the desired results.

However, managers should take multiple steps before making a decision, and the foremost is the strategic management of their business. It is necessary to take a decision in which there is the maximization of the resources, alignment with business goals and much more. Patrick Imbardelli with its vast experience and evolving knowledge base is a professional for whom strategic management is just a cakewalk. With a command over two languages i.e. English and Italian, he has served a vast clientele successfully.

Mr. Imbardelli knows the nuances of strategic management like no one and always has managed to deliver a top-notch performance. He is aware that strategic management is not just about following some rules set by predecessors. After joining any company, he always takes the account of   all resources that a business has to meet the specific business goals. He also never fails to identify areas in a business that needs resources from external sources. His immense experience in the hotel industry always comes handy. He formulates strategies that have an overall good impact on a business effortlessly.


A Manager with a Midas touch

Patrick Imbardelli as a business leader is currently working as the managing director of the Imbardelli Holdings Limited in Sydney. He is a professional with a Midas touch as his formulated strategies have contributed hugely to the success of several businesses across the world like the InterContinental, Holiday Inn, and more. In the hotel industry, major biggies have reaps benefits because of his dedicated services pertaining to not just strategic management, but in marketing and in the demonstration of creativity. Yes, like a true innovative manager, he never fails to formulate creative strategies that are cost-effective, can be implemented effortlessly and make a business grow. No wonder, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) awarded the ‘Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Hotel Sales and Marketing’ to Mr. Imbardelli in June 2011.

Some of the strategies that he has formulated so far are capital restructures, integration of companies related to hotel management or hospitality business, and investments for expansion of business in developing countries. The amount of appreciation that he has received for his dedication at work is endless. He is also a recipient of multiple honors and accolades for his corporate achievements and active involvement in the community.

Lastly, since it understandable that strategic management of businesses requires much effort, it is better to hire the best person who has knowledge and years of experience. As the landscape of business is changing worldwide, experience now counts most in strategic management more than anything else does and Mr. Imbardelli excels in the same brilliantly.