Understanding Day Trading Terms

In the financial world,Emini (or E-mini or ES) refer to future contracts that day traders buy or sell on the S&P 500 stock market. With the assistance of the global electronic trading platform, these stock traders deal in assets that come under preview of future contracts in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).  Trading in this market take place twenty-three and half hours per day, five days every week with a help of a ticker symbol ‘ES’. It is also possible for people who have adequate knowledge and expertise of the financial markets to purchase or sell Emini contracts on various US stock market indices including forex or commodities currencies.

In the United States, Delta Trading Group is a prominent trading and day academythat teaches people who have no previous awareness of how to trade on the financial markets to become proficient day traders. In fact, the professionals of this trading group are a catalyst when it comes to transforming the lives of ordinary individuals by helping learn the intricate skills of this form of financial trading. In the process, many of them have in fact made the transition from their former occupations to become full-time day traders from the comforts as they find this profession to be more lucrative.


Benefits of trading on Emini Markets

These experts explain that Emini futures are ideal vehicles for day trading for people with the basic awareness of how the financial markets function and has the following five important advantages:

1.      Simple to trade on either long or short

As Emini markets do not have any up-tick rule, it is possible for traders to either purchase or sell present Emini contracts.

2.     Electronic trading Platform

In this market, an individual trader can enter his/her order immediately and as soon as the execution of the order is complete, he/she receives an instant notification. Moreover, changing or cancelling order is also very simple, as an investor just needs to give his /her stockbroker a phone call. In this manner, people who invest in this market know where they stand in terms of online trading.

3.     Level playing field

In the global electronic trading platform, traders of various categories have an equal opportunity to execute their trades in the order they receive them in comparison to pi-traded futures.

4.     Lower tax rates in comparison to trading in forex markets

The traders who operate in this financing market pay tax at a lower rate on the income they earn from their business operation in comparison to traders who conduct their dealing in the forex market.

5.     No trade-by-trade accounting

A prominent advantage of Emini financial markets is that the tax-reporting requirements that the traders have to furnish to the authorities are minimal. Traders who operate in this market just have to disclose their yearly profits and need not maintain trade-by-trade accounting.

The experts from Delta Trading Group insist that potential day traders with adequate awareness of how future financial markets operate will find that trading in the Emini markets is a lucrative venture.