Businesses In Kansas City Has A Great Place For Getting Consultation Now

The journey of the CEO of SBV, Raizada, has been an interesting one. It all started with his long and happening career in telecom, and then made landmarks when he developed a financial and technological plan combo for a medical unit. And now finally he is the CEO of his own private firm that has been giving directions to companies in the Kansas City in managing finances the best way.


How Raizada rose to the heights?

The modern day entrepreneur lives in Kansas City in MO, USA. He is an Indian born with parents originating from India. At the age of two his family relocated to the US. And it’s been since then that he is living there, and made his career in finance handling and consultation over the years.

Raizada initially worked in many telecom companies. His journey started with Nextel. Here his role was to look after retail sales and operations management. He worked over a model there which was balanced to improve the retail sales while expanding the business with improved finances, and this very model was used by him in his other ventures too in the next telecom giants he worked with. The names in the list are AT & T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

His passion for finding new ways and blending technological and financial solutions, made him design a cardiac technology unit for the University of Kansas hospital. This has been a great achievement in his career, and then he started his own private firm, Spectrum Business Ventures Inc.

Ever since Amit Raizada initiated SBV with Philip Rouse in 2002, he never looked back. He has been proceeding steadily in helping businesses and individuals with a good amount of unmanaged assets and finances, in getting a nice direction, so that they can increase and stabilize their assets and finances.

How he has extended his hands for help?

The expertise of Raizada in this field is commendable. There are many businesses in the Kansas City, who have been struggling through years to manage their business, finances, and flow of wealth. Instead of building new assets, they had invested in bad sectors, and needs help. Raizada with SBV helped them, and are also helping the new businesses and family offices so that they can manage and proliferate their wealth the right way strategically.

The best strategy maker for businesses

These are quite strategy based decisions that can change the destiny of a business and company. And SBV under the leadership of Amit Raizada knows how these decisions are to be taken with complete research and planning. That is why the best destination for finance management business consultation, equity and debt management, tax assessing and planning etc, is SBV. Businesses now have a place to seek help and plan their finances. Decisions about asset management, real estate investment and wealth building plans for the long term need not be carved without expert advice anymore. SBV is now there for such advices and businesses have been relying on those since 2002.