Straight Shooting | How to make a great impression in business


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Business… Am I right? It can be overwhelming at times, but as a solo entrepreneur I am never happier than when I’m managing a couple of deals at once, and working with clients under my own steam. I’ve never been someone to want to work under others, and so from the time I was sixteen I had my own business. I started my own company when I was 21 and although things weren’t always smooth sailing I enjoyed every minute of it.

What I discovered

I have learned my fair share of lessons along the way, and one of the key things I have learned is that in order to be successful it’s not enough to just make a whole bunch of noise and hope that things will work out. No, you need to make sure that you’re actually speaking to the right people, and what’s more, you need to be telling them things that they want to hear.

How to get the message out

Part of getting the message across is saying it in the right way, and a key thing I learned early on in the piece is that no matter what anyone else says – first impressions count. They count a lot. I used to get judged on my age, but I figure out that if I looked the part, people were less likely to ask questions. I started renting offices with Servcorp when I expanded in to Hong Kong – partly because I wanted the freedom of being able to move if I needed to, and also as it was a lower cost option given there were no set up fees.

With a Servcorp Virtual Office, you receive:

  • A great office address
  • A professional receptionist who can answer your calls as you’d like
  • Technology
  • Meeting rooms
  • Access to all of the business support you could want or need

It wasn’t a tough choice for me to make to get a virtual office as I was able to have my team work remotely (thus saving me money) and I was able to make the most of a prestige address.

Now I want to talk about something else that’s important when it comes to making a great impact online: Social Media. Unless you’ve been under a big rock for the past ten years you’ll know the impact of social media on business.

How to use social media for your business

Bottom line is – and I’ll keep this simple – you want to have a strong presence on the platform where your customers hang out. Because remember this – you don’t need to reach everyone – just your target audience. And when you know WHO your target audience is and where they hang out, then you can start talking to them directly. A key part of success in social media is having a distinct goal. Without a goal things can get a little murky.

If you were to name a goal for your social media you might say channel growth and engagement. And while your ultimate goal may be revenue, you will have different ways of getting there depending on your strategy. Your goal may be strictly conversion-based. If your channel is converting and getting sales or leads, then it’s working. Traffic for traffic’s sake is not your goal here.

On the other hand, you may have a different goal. You might not directly focus on leads and sales. Because you know that your sales come from other activities. Your social media goal might be about reputation, credibility and trust – that’s why people will buy from you or even spend time with your content on a platform.’

There is no wrong answer, but knowing how to make social media work for your business can play a role in making a great impression with your business, both online and in the real world.