Using Pay-Per-Click Marketing to Build Your Business

Before we proceed to the main topic of the article it is important to explain what pay-per-click or PPC marketing is.

Pay-per-click marketing is a strategy of using advertisements in search engines for the purpose of generating clicks to your website. Basically it becomes easier to earn those clicks because you are not waiting for them to come “organically” but you generate them. If it is still not clear to you what it is, then you need to recollect the picture of your browser with opened page of a search engine. Do you remember those sponsored ads you frequently can see at the top of any search engine (they are usually marked with a yellow label)? Well, these are exactly pay-per-click advertisements.

Here’s how it works: Every time someone clicks on your ad, he or she is sent to your website. Every time this happens, you need to pay some fee to the search engine fee. (This is why it is called “pay per click services.”) When and if your PPC campaign is designed well and is running smoothly, that fee will be almost nothing for you as the visit of a real person worth much more to your business. For instance, if you pay $10 for every click, but in the end the person ends up paying you $300 for the products, then using PPC is definitely the best strategy for you.


Here is the list of people who might and should be interested in pay-per-click services:

• Searchers. According to statistics provided by Google, the searchers click on paid ads much more often than any other type of digital advertising. This means that people are actually if not for, then not against the idea of being advertised to, of course under condition that the products and services that are advertised actually fit their needs. And owing to the recent developments in search engines, most commonly the ads will be adjusted to your searches and so be useful to you.

• Advertisers. The great thing for advertisers in PPC is the ability to put the needed message in front of an audience that specifically and actively is seeking out the product.

• Search engines. The great advantage of PPC is the ability to cater to everyone: searchers and advertisers. The ordinary people, meaning the searchers, comprise their user-base, and the advertisers at the same time can provide these people with the revenue stream. As the search engines are aiming to provide relevant results to the searchers, this is a win-win situation for everyone!

According to the experts from Toronto digital marketing company, one of the main and unique advantages of PPC marketing is that search engines not only reward the highest bidders for that advertisement space, but they also reward the highest-quality advertisements (in this respect the most popular ads are considered to be of the highest quality). In the end, search engine will also reward your overall good performance. So the better ads you have, the greater your click-through rates are and the lower your costs become.

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