How to choose a college:

Regardless of the which category are you from, you will at some point in time think about which college and course you have to do. Rarely does it so happen that a student knows which college and which course he wants to pursue. Even such students would require this formula.


How to choose a college:

College Course
Student is sure about Yes No
Student is sure about No Yes
Student is sure about No No
Student is sure about Yes Yes

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Following are the few parameters on which you should base your decision

Encouragement to Ideas
Within the state/Outside the state

How Important are each of these factors:

Once you’ve listed down all the factors, the next step would be to give them each of these factors importance. Some students would give more importance to infrastructure, others may think placements are more important. Give them importance according to you, but make sure the total doesn’t exceed 100.

Research: 8
Faculty: 12
Infrastructure: 13
Encouragement to Ideas: 10
Crowd: 8
Within the state/Outside the state: 10
Placement 16
Fees 5
Events: 18

Decision Multiple

Now once you’ve listed down all the factors and also given them appropriate weights, you need to consider your options and give them points for each of these factors. The better the factor, higher the points.

For example; if you have two options IIT-B and IIT Guwahati and you’re considering placements. IIT-B definitely has better placements so you’ll give it higher points.

When you have all the columns ready, you need to multiply, the Weights and Points. The option which gets the highest points should be your pick.

This is a simple way to scientifically calculate which college would suit you the best. We can make it much more inclusive considering a lot more factors, but that would get really difficult. This would work for you just fine.