Intel Kills Optane Memory Business Entirely, Pays $559 Million to Exit

Update 08/02/2022 12:30am PT: Intel reached out to clarify that it would bring the next-gen Crow Pass Optane memory DIMMs to market and will use its existing inventory to fulfill orders. This wasn’t clear from Intel’s previous statement because this is technically a future product. We have clarified that point in the below text.

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Intel’s Q2 2022 earnings report today was uncharacteristically disappointing, but it also hides a new announcement: Intel is winding down its Optane business entirely. During the earnings call, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger clarified the vaguely worded announcement in the earnings documents, confirming that Intel will wind down its Optane business. The move incurs a $559 million inventory impairment/write-off. We reached out to Intel for comment on the matter:

“We continue to rationalize our portfolio in support of our IDM 2.0 strategy. This includes evaluating divesting businesses that are either not profitable or not core

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The Big Business of Burying Carbon

Applicants for EPA carbon-storage permits must persuade the agency that they can contain both the plume of injected carbon dioxide and a secondary plume of saltwater that the CO2 displacements from the rock—what drilling engineers call the pressure pulse. The EPA requires evidence that neither plume will contaminate drinking water while a project is operating and for a default period of 50 years after CO2 injection stops—but the agency can decide to shorten or lengthen that for a particular project.

Stream employs a well-heeled team, including oil industry veterans and a former top EPA official, to shepherd the permit application, which was submitted in October 2020 and which remains, nearly two years later, under agency review. Inside his company, Stream dubbed the carbon-storage play Project Minerva, after the Roman goddess of wisdom (and sometimes of war).

Heading up the technical work is a British petroleum geologist named Peter

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Here’s Why You Should Wait Until After You’ve Started Your Business to Acquire the Correct Skills

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“But I’m not an expert. I have no degree or credentials. How can I start a business? No one will take me seriously, let alone pay me.”

I hear this all the time from my students. I patiently remind them that I’m a high school dropout, and on paper, my only qualification to manage Facebook and Google ads is the fact that I run a seven-figure agency that manages Facebook and Google ads.

It usually doesn’t sink in, so I refer them to a recent Wall Street Journal article that tells the all-too-familiar story about a group of graduates who can’t secure a high-paying job. This particular story, however, shares the struggles of students enrolled in the MFA filmmaking program at Columbia University, the prestigious Ivy League school in New York. These students took on six figures of debt to obtain an

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