How car dealers use new tech to increase traffic

Car dealers are always looking for new ways to increase traffic in their showrooms. One of them is by increasing traffic by increasing the number of audiences who may turn into customers. Car dealer geofencing in Atlanta is one of the most common ways car dealers can increase traffic in their showrooms. It is effective enough to attract some customers.

Geofencing is location-based marketing, where companies use people’s smartphone IDs to send advertisements. Once someone enters a geofence, they can receive an advertisement about a nearby showroom. Most likely some of the audience will want to visit the showroom during that period or later. Once someone visits the showroom, there’s also a high chance they’ll buy a car. The target audience can also send positive word of mouth about the showroom. This means increased traffic, which may increase sales once a potential client becomes a customer. In addition, this step is indeed quite effective for finding new consumers, considering all of us who already have smartphones.

Another geofencing term is to identify several frequencies such as frequencies from radio such as wifi networks or bluetooth networks, to be able to create virtual vision boundaries in several areas around a specified location, Geofence is then paired or connected with hardware or software applications that can respond limits in various specific ways determined by the program perimeter.

Hardware and software that have been based on geofence have been around for decades, some of the systems are still very limited, especially for people who will invest in hardware that is quite expensive and for certain use cases only

Car dealer geofencing has created a new way for auto sellers to advertise their business. This allows the organization to determine which advertising techniques are working or not. As a result, the company can move on to better techniques that work. Through geofencing, you can identify the number of people who saw an ad and the number of times the ad was viewed. You can also specify the number of people who saw the ad and choose to visit the gallery. Geofencing is an effective advertising method because its effectiveness can be easily evaluated.

During zoning, car dealerships target competitors, major events and their locations. The purpose of targeting competitors is to outsmart them in traffic generation techniques. As a result, the company has become more competitive than other car dealers in the region. Big events are also a source of large audiences. Targeting such events has been shown to increase traffic in the showroom.