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Ivf fertility clinic (center) treatment in Ukraine: cost and reviews

IVF (in vitro fertilization) is the process of fertilization out of the body with the help of the latest technologies. This is a modern and very effective technology of infertility treatment. 

Usually, IVF is recommended if there is no result after traditional infertility treatment and after one year of unsuccessful attempts to conceive naturally.

In some cases, in vitro fertilization may be the only way to give birth, namely in case of the absence of fallopian tubes.

ADONIS IVF Treatment in Ukraine is your best chance to experience parental happiness. 

With the latest technologies we use during the medical process, ADONIS can be proud of the high rate of pregnancy among the patients. 

Depending on the chosen program the results from the ADONIS treatment are really promising (for example, as for 2020 year, IVF+ICSI+ED (fresh oocytes) (all age groups) is 71%, when IVF+ICSI+SM+ED is 60% and so on). 

ADONIS Ukraine IVF clinics provide the full cycle of treatment on the ADONIS own base (including ADONIS own embryo laboratory), that ensure the highest quality of the results and total control on the processes we provide. 

Among the wide list of services are:

  • Intrauterine insemination + Sperm donation
  • In vitro fertilization + ICSI (the cost of medicine is included)
  • In vitro fertilization + Cryo-preservation of biological material (on the base of ADONIS own cryo-bank)
  • In vitro fertilization + ICSI and Egg or Sperm donation 

The medical cost is included in the cost of every IVF Program (more detailed information should be specified during the special consultation in the ADONIS clinics). Total helpful surroundings and service during the time of the treatment is our main rule. 

It should be clarified that pregnancies that occur as a result of in vitro fertilization are almost no differ from those that occurred naturally. 

The only significant difference is the high probability of twins birth, which is due to the simultaneous transplantation of two healthy embryos. Childbirth, like pregnancy, is also undergone in the common scenario – cesarean section is not always performed (only in case of special indications that have no relation to IVF infertility treatment).

If the pregnancy did not occur after the IVF first attempt, it does not mean that this method is not suitable for infertile couples – you can repeat the IVF infertility treatment in ADONIS in a few months.

Before the patient agrees to experience IVF treatment, the ADONIS fertility doctor will tell you all details about the stages of IVF that you have to go through. Our highly professional staff of doctors care about your awareness and procedure knowledge. 

ADONIS Ukraine IVF treatment is not performed without following set of actions:

  • Preliminary examination for the couple
  • Superovulation stimulation
  • Follicle puncture
  • Oocytes fertilization and cultivation of embryos
  • Embryos transfer into the uterine cavity
  • HCG control (pregnancy test)
  • Ultrasound diagnostics of pregnancy

Sequence of operations and its results are controlled by your attending reproductive specialist with a special approach and individual plan (it can be adapted for your during the process). 

IVF treatment of the highest class is available in ADONIS clinics. 

We will present you a beautiful moment of parenting, just take the first step!