A Civil Tax Fraud Case Against Felix Sater Has Been Dismissed


A $250 million case regarding civil tax fraud was dismissed by a Manhattan court regarding Felix Sater, the Russian-American businessman. Felix Sater is a previous associate of Donald Trump, and he co-founded a real-estate company called Bayrock. The prosecution of the case was classified as qui tam, allowing a whistleblower to file a case. The filing is on behalf of the state, and the Attorney General’s office has an intervention option. The alleged whistleblower was an attorney named Fred Oberlander, who was once the representation for Jody Kriss, a former business partner of Felix Sater concerning a money-laundering suit against the real-estate company.

On Wednesday, Oberlander acknowledged his qui tam complaint had been filed based on information previously stricken by federal judges from the original complaint of Kriss. According to the attorney, the argument was not successful for Oberlander due to the information previously ordered removed by the … Read more

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There are numerous specialties within the accounting subject, including administration accountants, public accountants (also known as external auditors), government auditors and accountants, tax accountants and inner auditors. General responsibilities embody analyzing financial knowledge, making certain efficient and accurate record holding and preparation of economic paperwork. Accounting performs a major role … Read more

Islamic Finance Body Approves Standard For Gold

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Liabilities: Liabilities are something that you owe and need to pay back. Liability also comes when you … Read more