Strong U.S. Consumer Spending Counters Recession Fears

EconomicsMIT’s Office of Digital Learning honored the winners of its inaugural MITx Prize for Teaching and Learning in MOOCs (huge open online courses), recognizing educators who’ve devoted themselves to higher participating learners all over the world by digital lecture rooms. Professors Esther Duflo and Sara Ellison were one of the three profitable groups of co-instructors had been chosen from a pool of individuals who made vital contributions to MITx MOOC coursework supplied on throughout the 2016 calendar yr. Their course, 14.310x Data Analysis for Social Scientists, is utilized in MIT undergraduate research and as a part of the Data, Economics and Development Policy MicroMasters program. The duo have been selected for their balance of rigor and accessibility in serving to college students acquire and develop large data skills by way of the edX platform.

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Outsourcing legal cashier work may seem like losing control of part of your business

Outsourcing legal cashier work may seem like losing control of part of your business, but if it is done professionally and with a firm you can trust, it can bring many benefits. One of the most palpable advantages is that if you can trust that someone else is doing it properly, then that it is one less thing that you the business needs to worry about. However, there are a number of other benefits that are perhaps not as obvious.

Reducing Costs

Outsourcing legal cashiering can reduce costs, as you would no longer have to employ a legal cashier, saving on an extra salary and other employment costs. In addition, if the legal cashiering work that you require is sporadic or would not be enough to justify a full-time employee, many outsourcing companies offer the option of buying the service as and when it is needed, which will serve to … Read more

Members Voluntary Liquidations – Process and Practicalities

All MVLs have to go through the approved statutory process,, where a liquidator (usually a licensed insolvency practitioner) is appointed by the shareholders of the company wishing to liquidate and the company’s assets are sufficient to settle all its debts within a period not exceeding 12 months.

MVLs are typically used for purposes of reorganisation, for tax reasons, or in the case of owner-managed businesses to enable the shareholders to realise their interest in the company when they do not have succession plans. As with all things in the remit of insolvency practitioners, each solvent liquidation is different and brings its own challenges, as the following examples show.


This articlelooks at the practical stuff that needs to be thought about when it comes to solvent liquidations. A solvent liquidation is known as a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL), and is one of the main tools used by Insolvency Practitioners.

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When a business faces insolvency

When a business faces insolvency, decisions must be made as to which insolvency route will be best for the company and its creditors. A company may go into administration, liquidation or a voluntary arrangement. The term bankruptcy generally refers to personal bankruptcy – when an individual rather than a business (a partnership or a limited company) becomes insolvent.


If your company is insolvent but part of the business is probably salvageable and could conceivably continue, the best route is likely to be administration, or pre-pack administration. A pre-pack administration refers to situations where there is already a purchaser in place to buy the viable part of the business and that all terms of the sale have been agreed before the administrator is appointed. The administrator controls the business during the insolvency and the process of paying creditors and selling the business is completed.

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Your company website is a shop window onto the entire world

Your company website is a shop window onto the entire world, so getting it right is important. There are plenty of options today that allow you to build your own site, of course, but if you’re serious about doing business on the web, you really need a professional job.

Choosing the right web designer to do the work for you needs careful consideration. You’re looking not just at their design skills but at their business knowledge, SEO ability, knowledge of your local area and more.

Start with Their Site

There’s an old story about a small town with two barbers: one has immaculate hair, while the other looks wild and unkempt. Which do you choose? You go for the one with the wild hair on the theory that they must cut each other’s. Of course, this theory doesn’t work with web designers because – you would hope – that they … Read more