Give your event something special with branded instant photos

Are you organizing a company event? Maybe you’re presenting a new product, you’re hosting a networking meeting, or you’re celebrating a big accomplishment. Give your guests something to remember not only the night by, but your company too. How? By using custom polaroid film. Simply let guests take polaroid pictures and then use custom sticker frames to add your company’s logo. A great memory for friends, colleagues, and business partners alike. Read on to find out what you must know about this original way to create branded products.

The benefits of a branded instant photo

A branded instant photo adds something special to a company event. Unlike photos taken by a professional photographer, instant polaroid photos will be a little less formal. Guests can have fun posing for photos and can immediately see the results. There’s a certain retro vibe to polaroid photos, even. Choose a few different versions … Read more

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Cosmetic Business For Beginners!

Trends in the world of cosmetic are also growing over time. Now we see more and more product choices. from local brands to international products. that offers product benefits & advantages according to consumer needs.

Seeing the potential and high public interest in cosmetic needs. it has opened its own opportunity to develop this one business.

If you like and are interested in going into the cosmetic business. Below are some important things that need to be prepared so that your business runs smoothly. Check out the following method, OK!

1. Determine the type of cosmetic business that you will run

You need to know from the start that the scope of the cosmetic industry is actually very broad. This line of business is not only focused on selling beauty products. but also includes business activities in beauty clinics, salons, and spas.
All you have to do is choose … Read more

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Tips and How to Promote the Most Effective Products!

One of the advantages of an online business is the wide scope of the market to sell products. If supported by promoting the right products, your business will be able to bring more promising results.

What is that promotion? In this article, we will discuss the meaning of promotion, how to promote products, and various examples of promotions that you can use.

Let’s learn how to promote a product with the following tips on how to execute it effectively:

Give Discounts / Discounts

Price is still the main factor for consumers when making a purchase transaction. Therefore, discount promos are always awaited.

Abroad, there are a number of special events that present discounted promos for product purchases. One of the famous ones is Black Friday or a domain promo from Niagahoster. In Indonesia, this promo moment is usually held in bulk on National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas).

Free Shipping

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