3 Kinds of 2018 Business Opportunities That Are Very Promising in the Digital Age



The promising 2018 business opportunity, and the most profitable new business that even has the opportunity to become trending, seems unlikely to be far from the type of internet technology-based business and this is predicted to continue to progress from year to year.

As we know today, the development of internet technology has become a faster media for information dissemination and tends to dominate among other media, both electronic and printed.Online 2018 business opportunities are the most promising and profitable as a business area in the internet era. So what are the three types of business and business opportunities that have the potential to produce in 2018 to the future?

Back to the way we understand what is currently being trending and has been widely consumed by the wider community. Internet technology has become an important requirement which is likely to be very difficult to leave again.Various activities have used the internet and this dependence makes it a basic need that inevitably everyone must slowly enter the boundless era of the internet. Maybe this is what a few decades ago was predicted as a form of world free trade. It’s right, and we have now entered it where we are free to do all transactions throughout the world without the need for complicated authority.

The following are 3 types of business with internet media that will be the most potential 2018 business opportunity inspiration with not too large capital.


# 1 Building an online store (ON LINE SHOP) that will reach the whole world

A few years ago, there were still many people who were hesitant to shop at an online store, because they were not used to it and were too worried that they would be deceived because the sale transaction did not occur in real or face to face. Besides that, online shop business is still dominated by large sites such as e-bay, amazon, whose payment process requires a credit card and as we know that not everyone can easily make credit cards, especially the Indonesian people.

Well, nowadays local online stores are found in many countries, and it’s almost equivalent to olshopp’s popularity with e-bay, lazada and many more. Then, it is easy to do it now, you don’t have to be bothered to pay online shopping with a credit card, but there are quite a lot of payment methods available, such as account transfers through ATMs, joint accounts, and e-money.

There are so many types of online stores that can be built easily and can even be done by beginners without having to make an online shop website including:


  • Dropship business – Not much different from other online stores, there will also be buying and selling transactions. Online shop owners can offer merchandise obtained from suppliers through Facebook, Instagram, LINE and many more social media accounts.
  • Trade forum sites – many leading media outlets provide forums with the category of buying and selling.
  • Marketplace – Alibaba is one of the world’s leading online (online marketplace) markets (also known as the online store network). Anyone can register and open an account there to offer merchandise online.

Some of the examples above are an easy way to start an online store business even if you don’t have your own website and it will certainly be more appropriate for those of you who are beginners.The reason why online stores are promising business opportunities? Seeing the current level of community activity they want to get something that is fast and practical. Online shopping can be done anytime and anywhere without spending a lot of time especially the high density of roads which often become an obstacle and wasted energy in vain.

Next is a good business opportunity in 2018 that still utilizes internet technology and has very promising prospects to pursue is an affiliate program.

Running an affiliate system earns income from the internet to millions per day

The affiliate marketing business is still not very popular in Indonesia, although for some bloggers, many have enjoyed the benefits of income from this one internet business.

Some of the most common types of affiliate business done by internet marketers include:

  • Amazon Affiliates – One of the most famous in the world and has the potential to make huge profits if you have an English web site and can make reviews about products sold by Amazon.
  • Lazada Affiliation – Is a local affiliate marketing system whose market coverage is still limited to Indonesian web visitors even though the income opportunity is not as fantastic as that of amazon, click bank, etc.
  • CPA (cost per action) – For this one more tempting because generally advertisers dare to pay very expensive for one action that you successfully market.


Of the three examples of internet business without capital, it only requires your expertise in reviewing or reviewing a product with the expectation that there will be interested consumers and transactions. For every transaction that occurs, you will get a commission from the owner of the product that you market with a different value.

But the most recommended if you want to get money from the internet and have mastered a little online marketing techniques is to try the CPA program. In this CPA business you will be paid if it is successful in inviting potential customers to take action against the link that you recommend. Forms of action that are paid start from the registration stage, enter data until the deal or validation occurs which all will be taken into account and there is a commission from the advertiser. Pretty tempting isn’t it ??

The most promising local CPA business in 2018

How to run this business, and whatever is needed, you can search on Google because there are so many bloggers who review and make the tutorial very clearly.


# 2 Bloggers and Youtubers who will master the world of information and entertainment in the internet age

Surely you are already familiar with the news that there is someone who can make money from the internet up to hundreds of millions of rupiah. This is indeed not a hoax because in the era of internet technology like now anyone can express themselves with a variety of creativity that is owned so that it can make a source of income. We should realize that entertainment and information media are no longer dependent on radio, television, magazines or newspapers. With cellphone, tablet and laptop gadgets, almost everyone already has them, they can get information and entertainment anywhere and anytime while they can connect to the internet network.

Even if you know, of the many information spread on the internet is the result of the activities of a blogger and various entertainment videos provided by the youtube site are the work of youtubers.


  • Blogger (web blog developer)

They are someone who builds a website or blog by continuing to provide various information that is needed by the community.

  • Youtubers

Someone who uploaded videos on the youtube site and poured his creativity in the form of audio video visual media.

Where do bloggers and youtubers earn?

They will continue to try to provide content that can attract the attention of many visitors and viewers. If the information and entertainment have abundant visits, it is like conventional media that earns income from advertising, so it is for bloggers and youtubers. On a website or youtube video that you meet on the internet, there are often advertisements that appear there. That’s where they earn money. The more visitors or viewers obtained, the chance to earn income up to millions per month will not be difficult to obtain. Learn more about related articles about the strategy of earning money from youtube videos.

What is the reason to be a blogger and youtuber is a prospective business opportunity that will grow and the most promising business in 2018?

Once again you pay attention, from elementary school children to those who are adults now using gadgets to support their activities. Whatever info or entertainment they want to get enough by searching for it using the internet. The community has now begun to leave conventional media such as TV, Radio and other print media.


# 3 Online Service (Business services and services online)

The choice of the latest business opportunity that will boom in 2018 is the service and service business that is packaged in online media and using the internet network.

Some examples of service businesses that are currently starting to develop their wings by utilizing internet network technology features include:

Transportation and booking online

It is inevitable that this one digital business is considered to be a solution in helping people to penetrate congestion in major cities of the world like today.

Comparing to conventional transportation, online transportation is preferred by consumers because of its ease.

The online transportation system is quite easy to order with just one touch on the smartphone application, in addition to consumers who feel more comfortable on the trip because the route information and driver data can be obtained clearly.

Likewise, business reservations or hotel bookings, tickets, and delivery of other items that are quite easy to access without moving from where you are.

The key to success of online digital transportation business lies in the convenience of consumers and satisfying service.

Digital Agency as a partner for online business people

In this case, the role of reaching an online target market requires a specific strategy for a brand or brand and of course it takes a long time to be able to do it. This is where digital agencies can be the right solution in marketing. There are various solutions that can be done by digital agencies as a product marketing strategy so that consumers can continue to reach one of them by optimizing social media features. This business has a pretty good chance even for 2018 it will probably grow even more amazing than in the past year.