This is a Guide for Planning a School Reunion Event

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Meeting friends at school is definitely a pleasure. It is inconceivable the excitement of memorized the past, especially considering the mischief and faddish that had been done before. Not a few who blushed because they met again with a former girl/boyfriend you’ve ever liked.

In order for the reunion to leave a deep impression, of course, it needs to be planned as well as possible. Therefore, being a reunion committee is often considered not an easy task. In addition, if you want a reunion event attended by many people, of course, you can not ask friends to pay much. However, it is undeniable that the reunion event requires funds to be held properly. Do you want to hold a reunion, but are constrained costs? Check out the following tips.

1. Strategic Places.

The halls or school grounds are an ideal choice for reunions. Certainly, many friends have rarely been to school since graduating and they will be passionate about visiting their school. On the other hand, the use of school halls will also cut event costs significantly.

However, if your reunion is not too big, for example only with classmates, Serendip could be an option, this place is the best Chinese restaurant Sutherland Shire. What should be done is, just order a place based on the number of people who confirm will come.

2. Selectively select the Committee.

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Be sure to choose people who want to work hard with sincerity. Keep in mind that being a reunion committee can take time, energy and mind, but it doesn’t get paid.

In fact, you usually have to pay your own expenses, such as transportation to the meeting place or personal consumption. Therefore, it is very important to form a committee that is ready to dedicate itself during the preparation period until the event is held.

3. Pay Attention to Alumni Lists.

One of the most important factors in a reunion is the guest. The more people who come, of course, it’s better.

The committee can use social media to collect data from school mates or community friends, depending on what reunion they want to hold.

4. Choosing the Right Time.

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School holidays are often chosen as a great reunion time because at that time friends who live outside the city or abroad can go back home. But, at the same time, the families also decided to take a vacation out of town or abroad.

Therefore, you should specify a reunion date at least 6 months before the day takes place. Thus everyone has time to set their own plans.

5. Smart Send Invitations.

Forget invitations sent manually via post. Besides requiring more time, this method also requires more costs. Just take advantage of social media to preach this event to friends.

You can create a Fanpage on Facebook or make an invitation online. Today many sites provide online invitation services for free.

6. Find an Investor.

In finding funds, use the alumni to become an investor. It can be one way to get funds. Do not set the price too high so that more brands or products will want to place their investments in your reunion book. Prepare also barter offers.

After seeing these tips, hopefully, your reunion plan will run smoothly.