Tips and How to Promote the Most Effective Products!

One of the advantages of an online business is the wide scope of the market to sell products. If supported by promoting the right products, your business will be able to bring more promising results.

What is that promotion? In this article, we will discuss the meaning of promotion, how to promote products, and various examples of promotions that you can use.

Let’s learn how to promote a product with the following tips on how to execute it effectively:

Give Discounts / Discounts

Price is still the main factor for consumers when making a purchase transaction. Therefore, discount promos are always awaited.

Abroad, there are a number of special events that present discounted promos for product purchases. One of the famous ones is Black Friday or a domain promo from Niagahoster. In Indonesia, this promo moment is usually held in bulk on National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas).

Free Shipping Fees (Free Shipping)

One of the reasons for the increase in e-commerce transactions is the ease of delivery of goods. At this time, without having to wait long, the goods will arrive at the recipient.

There are already many expedition businesses that provide the best service. However, freight rates for some areas are still quite high.

Therefore, if you use free shipping, consumers will be interested. The reason is that consumers not only get convenience, but also more value when shopping for the products you offer.

With a free shipping approach (free shipping), sales of your business products can be further increased.

Offer Cashback

Cashback is a refund of a certain amount of money after the consumer makes a purchase. Cashback applies if the purchase is made according to the conditions specified by the seller. Usually in the form of buying a certain nominal amount.

Even though there are conditions that apply, cashback is still an attractive promo for consumers. You can visit several major marketplaces and will find cashback at their various promotional events.

Keep in mind that cashback does not only belong to the marketplace. Online shop owners can also apply this promo to sell various goods, ranging from electronic products to fashion.

Hold a Flash Sale

Flash sale is a method of selling in a short time, with limited quantities and priced at low prices.

Some of you may know Flash sale from one of the big marketplaces in Indonesia, right? This type of promotion has proven to be quite effective.

Because the Flash sale uses a limited availability strategy, many potential customers don’t want to miss this opportunity. As a result, Flash sales have proven to be effective in hitting the market. Products sold through Flash sale always sell well like hotcakes.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

How to promote a product by providing additional other products for free is commonly used. Ranging from household products to food.

However, make no mistake, this step is still proven to be very effective.

For consumers, they will be happy because they get additional value. Meanwhile, for business owners, Buy 1 Get 1 Free is often used primarily to introduce new products while still getting a good profit.

The reason is, when conducting a Buy 1 Get 1 Free campaign, producers are actually able to sell more products because consumers actually buy two products at once.

Giving Gifts

If the previous promotion provided similar products for free, promotions by giving gifts often took a different product as a gift. It can be your own product, or someone else’s product.

Actually, there are many examples of gifts that you have ever received as a consumer. For example, when you get a softcase and screen protector when you buy a cellphone.