Web Design Trends

Designers are always exploring new things and figuring out what will bring your attention. As the technology changes the way of designing your web page also changes. We adapt constantly to modern technology and usually copy the best ideas that are currently out there. It is hard to come up with something new when there are already millions of design ideas already done, but that is nothing to worry about.

Many companies follow the upcoming trends and implement them to their customers. Sometimes it is hard to follow up, so getting help from an agency isn’t anything new. We are going to cover some of the trends that best suit current market. Developing and building a website can take a lot of time and can cost a lot, but getting the user experience and design right is important for increasing conversions.

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The first is the importance of clear space or as many call it Minimalism plus. You must have seen this trend developing through time like on the Apple website. More white space and lower distractions are making the websites more attractive to users. Users of your website don’t want to see everything in one place. They want to see the one thing that they are looking for in the simplest way. Many famous websites are using this strategy to make their website more appealing to users and making the access to information easier.

Bold typography

The second trend is bold typography design. As with usage of minimalism in web design, typography design also changes along with user behavior. To keep your content and headlines as clear as it can be, typography has to support this without distraction. You need to use typography for a purpose, so users can get what they thought they will find. It is very important to predict what they want to find in your content.

Don’t try to complicate it because design looks better. They want to find easily the information they are looking for.

UI animation, Gifs, Cinemagraphs

The third point is gifs, cinemagraphs, and UI animation which are saving memory video alternatives. It’s nothing new that there is a major focus on mobile platforms. Slow websites are being flagged by search engines and they have worse ranking then before. We can see decreased concentration spans, so videos are some of the best ways to get information across fast and easy from a user point of view.

Unfortunately, video files increase load times as a general rule just due to the sheer size. There is a way to get around this situation. You can use such things as animations or cinemagraphs which is a static mage with some motion involved. They seem like small things but they just highlight and just increase that user experience. So, each of these examples is slightly different, there are a lot of signs that this can increase your conversation rate, and you can benefit from it, only mistake people make is overdoing it. Read more on this link.

Scroll triggered animation

Many of us have been to a website where get bored of scrolling, it can be that the content is too long or they tried doing too much in just one page. It doesn’t matter what was the reason, they could’ve made a major difference by implementing some animation while you scroll. But they need to have a meaning, not just a magic touch. If you can consider some animation that benefits to the user experience and also supports the content, you will for sure make the scroll the engaging and pleasurable for your visitor. This will make them stick longer.

Secure website

Trust is very important for anyone who visits a website. We all seen that malware is bad and that ransomware is even worse. Add to that the change is coming regarding gdpr and data protection and your website is suddenly going to need some work. Can users trust your downloads or your forms and your data protection policies? Can they trust that you look after the data? The usage of HTTPS to protect important online transactions like online shopping or online banking is the standard today, but because of the major expansion of that ransomware, soon users will expect a trusted certificate on any webpage and a secure experience.