Why You Need an Automatic Call Distribution System for your Business


It is known to many as an Automatic Call Distribution system or the ACD system. It distributes incoming calls to the right agent in your company. Today, most of the call routing engines are integrated into the CIT system, computer telephony integration system. It enables one to adjust the routing rules, without the need for IT assistance. There are many levels in which these systems are sophisticated. A powerful ACD integrates a call tracking solution and routes a call depending on a specific channel of advertising as well as a keyword in various search engines. Here are some of the benefits of integrating this system into your organization.


Calls Are Flawlessly Routed


The system route calls based on an algorithm. The system considers the contact of the caller, caller’s data, their area code, IVR configurations, agent skill, their availability and your organization rules. Routing of calls based on these data ensures that there are no errors, no calls are dropped, or none are transferred to the wrong agents. In the end, you will note that the system increases your company efficiency and team professionalism. The program also identifies agents with the lowest talk time and then forwards a call to them. An ACD allows for the swift answering of calls from the appropriate agents. There is also an optimized waiting queue, and a customer can call back when there is a high call volume instance. The system also automatically identifies VIP clients and have their calls speedily routed to the appropriate agents. This way the response time is expedited and enhances customer satisfaction.


Business Processes Are Streamlined


This system efficiently streamlines business processes. Since it is integrated with the sales force, the customer support, social media and live chat, your business agents have a complete understanding of what your customer needs. The system allows for the agents to quickly track customer interactions, all in one interface. This allows your agents to have updated customer information and thus enhances an in-call conferencing and can smoothly transfer a call to a different department. The ACD system can route calls to your agents who are based in various remote areas. This means that all your agents, despite their locations can work as one team.


Call Monitoring and Initiation of Agent Coaching


The Automatic Call distribution system allows your call center managers to monitor a live call. They can monitor instances of call whispering and call barging. This helps your call center managers to address in call issues or otherwise initiate a coaching process for your phone operators. Efficient routing systems allow your employees to use their experience and expertise to provide your clients solutions for their problems than indulging in activities that are not their specialty. The program acquires the time spent in each call, the number of calls, wait time and much more and uses the information for reporting purposes. This is useful for assessing KPI and effective optimization of resources.