3 Areas of Hazard for Transport Drivers

Those working in the transport industry face a number of challenges every time they enter their vehicle. From the different cargo loads freight shipping Calumet Park IL companies issue or encounters with other motorists on the road, it is important for drivers and workers to be aware of the most common hazards to driver safety.

Distracted Driving

The chances of a car crash increase when the operator gets distracted or takes his or her eyes off of the road. In fact, distracted drivers are three times more likely to have an accident when compared to drivers who are attentive. Large trucks do not have the same ability to brake swiftly and safely as small vehicles, so watching for vehicles that are displaying erratic driving patterns is a key to avoiding a collision. The use of tech devices (cell phones, GPS, etc.) has really increased the potential for a distracted driving situation.

Driver Safety During Load and Unloading

Slips and falls are actually a common problem in the transport industry, as drivers may slip on icy or wet ground or struggle under the weight of something they are loading. Steps or loading surfaces can also be problematic, so preparing these areas with anti-slip features can help keep you from a personal accident while working.

Load Hazards

When drivers get in a hurry to get on the road, improper walkarounds may create load hazards. All tie-downs and straps need to be inspected, as well as ensuring all proper placards and signage is hung correctly and completely visible. Checking backup lights and other areas of the rig thoroughly before getting on the road can also reduce the potential for an accident. Each driver needs to take their truck and load safety personally, as it has everything to do with their own safety.

Not only does special attention to hazards protect the reputation of the company and the load, but it also protects other motorists. Make sure you are following your pre-transport checklist to ensure all safety concerns are addressed.