Building Safety Priorities for Property Managers

Managers of apartment and multifamily properties need to make building safety the single most important priority in their maintenance activities. Here are some things that every manager needs to focus on to ensure that the premises and individual residents will be safe.

Ensure That Your Fire Suppression System Is Compliant With Local Law

As part of a comprehensive fire suppression plan, all buildings need to have emergency exits, emergency lighting, and charged fire extinguishers located within a specified proximity to each unit. Some newer buildings need to be fully sprinklered, and older buildings may need to have sprinklers by the entrance of every unit so that fires will stay contained. When you need help inspecting or upgrading a fire suppression system Newark, NJ, it’s advisable to work with a company that can service every element of your system rather than contracting the work out to individual providers. 

Install Window Bars

The most important window bars to install aren’t the ones to keep people from getting into the building. While it’s important that ground floor units have window protections to deter unauthorized entry, you also need to think about protecting windows on higher floors. Every year, thousands of children experience serious injuries due to falling from windows, and some falls are fatal. Expertly installed window bars can prevent this type of tragedy from happening in your building.

Maintain the Exterior of Your Building

While it’s easy to become preoccupied with the inside of a building, you can’t overlook the importance of maintaining common areas outside of your building. Defects in steps and walkways, loose railings, and unaddressed ice patches in the wintertime can cause serious injury. Any maintenance need that prevents a fall or slip hazard needs to be addressed right away.

To keep your building safe, it’s imperative to remain vigilant about the condition of the premises. Get expert help when you need to conduct inspections or have important work performed.