Make your moving to Johns Creek, GA all the more easier

Are you planning on moving to Johns Creek, Georgia? There’s a lot to love about this small town of about 83,000 residents nestled at the southern tip of the Appalachians. Your move to this neck of the woods will be even easier with a little help from a professional moving company and a few helpful tips.

Looking For Employment

If you or a family member are moving to Johns Creek, you may also be looking for employment. You won’t be disappointed. The employment rate is only 4.5{88cedc18ff1c21aab11c0feb474e71aa5128e48d5d52cde49cd84a8d8c80a589}, compared to a national average of 5.2{88cedc18ff1c21aab11c0feb474e71aa5128e48d5d52cde49cd84a8d8c80a589}, and the local economy is said to be thriving. Indeed lists over 17,000 available job postings in the salary range of $45,000 and above. If your teen is looking for a part-time job, they’ll have hundreds of choices in the area, according to current job listings. Sign up for email notifications to hear about the latest postings the instant they go online.

Looking For a Home to Purchase

If home ownership is in your future plans for Johns Creek, you’re in luck. Johns Creek boasts a home appreciation rate of 4.2{88cedc18ff1c21aab11c0feb474e71aa5128e48d5d52cde49cd84a8d8c80a589} over the last year, and there’s no reason to think home values won’t continue to rise over time. Johns Creek has a diverse selection of housing choices, including townhomes, single family homes, apartments and condominiums. Single family homes range from modest one bedrooms to impressive estate-style homes. There’s definitely something to suit any budget.

Recreation in Johns Creek

If you’re wondering what sporting equipment you should bring to Johns Creek versus what you should sell before you move, here are some tips.

Johns Creek has a fantastic outdoor fitness area called Newtown Park. You’ll definitely want to bring your tennis shoes, running shoes and Yoga gear. Johns Creek has some awesome kayaking and rafting opportunities in and around metro Johns Creek. If you already have a kayak, definitely bring it as long as it’s a river kayak. Flat river kayaks, like those used on lakes, won’t work well in the choppy waters around Johns Creek. To buy a kayak in town, try REI in nearby Alpharetta. There may also be some local paddle shops nearby that are privately owned.

Do you have any questions about moving to Johns Creek? Contact A.C. White, and we’d be happy to assist you with anything you need to get moved in and settled. Give us a call today to get started on our move to Johns Creek.