What Major Food Brands Are Australian Made?

According to Roy Morgan’s study, Australians prefer Australian made products. Some of the reasons for this preference include national pride, willingness to support local businesses and economy, environmental awareness for less freight and also the tradition of creating high-quality products.  Although not a big manufacturing exporter it is often possible to easily find Australian made products in other parts of the world too.  Let’s us take a look at global brand products that are originally made by local Australian manufacturers:


Who doesn’t know about Arnotts? Almost everyone in this world has heard about the brand and consume its products. Though the brand is owned by Campbell Soup Company, a giant food company in the US, its products are manufactured in Australia. The company’s products include crackers and biscuits and are widely known in the Asia-Pacific region. Not only manufactured in Australia, but Campbell Soup Company in its website also refers to Arnotts’ products as “Australian icon” so there you go.


If you often buy tomato sauce, canned soup, canned chutney products in grocery stores, you must have been familiar with Rosella. Being established in Australia in the late 1800s, Rosella is was owned by Unilever for more than 4 decades. The company then was bought by Sabrands, a local brand in 2013. However, the products of Rosella are manufactured in the country, both in the era of Unilever and Sabrands.

Uncle Tobys

Uncle Tobys is one of the Australian made products that you can find worldwide. The products offered by the brand include oats, snacks, cheerios, and roll-up. Uncle Tobys is owned by a Switzerland-based company, Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) since 2006. The company itself is a joint venture between General Mills and Nestle. Uncle Tobys uses oats from local Australian farmers and the products are made in the country too.


Bushells is popular for those who love to drink tea and coffee. Being owned by a British-Dutch company, Unilever, Bushells is often linked to driver-reviver stops and British tea o’clock tradition. However, you need to know that the company was originally established by an Australian named Alfred Bushell. Along with his wife, Agnes, Bushell opened his first tea shop in Queensland in 1883.

Golden Circle

When it comes to the discussion of tinned vegetables and fruit products, the Golden Circle is always put on the top list. Not to mention a huge range of juice and cordial options you can select. But do you know that it is one of the Australian made products that has been popular throughout the world? Yep, just like Arnotts, Golden Circle is also originally owned by a US giant food company, Heinz before acquired by Heinz Australia in 2008. However, the company’s products are manufactured in Northgate, Brisbane from the beginning until now.

So next time you are looking to buy some snacks and food make sure to choose local Australian made products and support the local economy and your country.