General Method of Employee Development

For large companies, employees are assets that must be developed. The purpose of this development is to increase work productivity, make efficiency, provide career opportunities, or find potential employees. Typically, direct supervisors are responsible for the development. Many bosses do not know how to develop employees or subordinates. If you are one of them, do not worry. As a boss, you can develop your employees. If you have employees you can choose fun corporate event to train the performance of your team of employees and Here are general methods of employee development that you can do from now on.


Training is a common program for developing manpower. The form can be training in the company (internal training) or outside the company (external training). Internal training is also called in-house training can use the trainer from the company’s own or outside the company.

Meanwhile, external training is done by sending employees to certain institutions or training institutions, both government and private. For example, employees receive an external training on taking and testing air samples from the Science and Technology Research Center.


Employee career development through education is usually special. This is aimed at the best employees who are considered necessary to develop their education because the previous education is not enough.


As with training, work internships can be done within the company or outside the company. Internal internships are usually cross-departmental with duration of one to three months. For example, a friend in a month-long apprenticeship laboratory at the Mining Department to study the process of sampling and preparation of soil samples conducted in the department. This internal work internship is intended to align and improve my friend’s knowledge and skills in sampling and preparation of soil samples.

Job enrichment

Employee development can also be done with job enrichment. In short, this program is the addition of duties and responsibilities in the same position. Typically, the employees involved in this job enrichment program are prominent employees among other employees. However, there are also companies that do job enrichment on all employees who are in one level to declare opportunities to grow on them.


Benchmarks or sometimes called comparative studies are evaluating or comparing something to the standard. This is done when something in the company needs to be improved. For example, a mining company that is about to build a new smelting furnace, benchmark it to another mining company with experience using the blast furnace.

Competence test

Competency test or ability test is also conducted to develop employees. This test can be done by the company itself or Professional Certification Agency that has been accredited by the National Board of Professional Certification. Internal competency testing is usually an annual program run by a department that runs an international standard.

Rotation of work

Another method of employee development is work rotation. This method can be in one department or inter department with weekly or monthly time. The goals include preparing employees who will get promoted, provide new challenges, or increase employee skills.


Coaching can be applied to employees performing well or performing poorly. The goal is to improve the quality and quantity of work, transfer knowledge, increase the skills of subordinates, and bring closer employee-subordinate work. For example, a boss who has the skills to calibrate the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer guides one or more subordinates in order to be able to calibrate the equipment.

By knowing the above employee development methods, the next step you should do is create an employee development program, you can do the implementation itself with the team.