Tips to Renew Hero Bike Insurance Online

In choosing your Hero bike you had chosen to opt for a bike that is not only affordable but also reliable. You also took the right decision of getting it insured. Now that your bike insurance is nearing its term maturation (or has the term already expired?), you should be prompt and get it renewed. Let us advise you, not renewing your Hero bike insurance would not be a wise decision. Insurance providers often offer competitive premiums as well as coverage as they know that the standard repair and replacement costs of your Hero bike are anyway low. Also, with the recent revisions to the Motor Vehicles Act, having the vehicle that you drive insured (at least third party coverage) is mandatory. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind before you renew your bike insurance online.

  1. Make your decision before the term maturation: This is important because failing to have your bike insurance renewal done on time will lead to your losing out on the benefits that have accrued to your insurance account. Most insurers provide a grace-period and it would be helpful to you to check if you have exceeded that duration.
  2. Get your No-claim bonus: If you have been wise and have avoided making claims for superficial reasons such as minor scratches and temporary/transient damages, you can avail a No-Claim bonus. Insurers often give the option of redeeming this amount by offering a discount on the premium of your renewed policy.
  3. Review and rationalize your cover: With the experience that you’ve had with your insurance policy, you would now be in a position to decide what works for you and what doesn’t, along with what modifications you could want to make the cover.
  4. Getting your personal information updated: This is a good opportunity for you to update any relevant personal information such as your address, or contact details to be updated, if required. You could also add your friend or relative who uses your bike frequently into your insurance cover.
  5. Compare and Change if Necessary: do not be afraid to change your insurance company if you have not been satisfied with your policy. This is a good time to review and compare other, possibly better alternatives online.
  6. Opt for More Comprehensive Policies: comprehensive policies cover a wide range of casualties including roadside assistance, natural disasters, third-party liabilities and more, which can help considerably in times of need. It would be wise to choose a coverage option that is holistic as opposed to those that only cover specific situations.

Be Prompt, Choose Wisely

We believe with the help of these tips, you should be able to get your bike insurance renewal done right. So forget every single worry; jump into action and get your Hero bike insurance renewed today! Enjoy your rides under the safety and assurance of a reliable policy that offers maximum coverage. Choose from reputed insurance providers that offer affordable premiums and holistic coverage through their policies.