A Brief Understanding of the Services that Megabite Offers

In the present times, there are a lot of defense equipment distributors in the United States; but no one has been able to meet the professionalism and dedication that Megabite offers. The company has been offering the highest quality defense equipment since 1979. In fact, the company has always tried to offer consistent performance in terms of products as well as services and thus, it is one of the most preferred distributors of defence equipment in the U.S. market.

Megabite Electronics Inc. primarily works for the U.S. Navy and Defense Logistic Agencies and has backed the U.S. Armed forces in primary wars such as those in the Kosovo, Gulf region, Iraq and Afghanistan. The company is the official distributor of:

  • Air Dry Company
  • Electroswitch Corp.
  • Automatic Connector
  • Databus Products
  • Joslyn Sunbank Co.
  • Oak Grigsby

Some of the products that the company sells on a daily basis include Couplers, Connectors, Batteries, Valves, Gaskets, Switches, EMI Shielding, Cable Assemblies, Filters, Washers, O-Rings, Gages, Relays,  Circuit Cards, Active Components along with several other industrial, military, and commercial parts. The experience of the company in the electronics field has assisted people greatly in the current capacity as a contractor for the Department of Defense.  They have used their expertise to assist the principals gain approval as a source of supply to the DoD, thus growing their sales and print position.


Megabite Electronics Inc. has an extensive history of assisting as an official representative or distributor for many original equipment manufacture or OEM’s and distributors, both large and small. It offers several services to help the customer get publicity to new markets, progress and upsurge the business with the Department of Defense, and increase your profitability by significantly decreasing administrative costs.  In addition, Megabite has customized database software which uses definite criteria to mechanically obtain government necessities daily.

Apart from this, the company offers the following services:

  • Numerous options for distributors  and OEM’s interested in their services
  • Bids directly with the government on the behalf of the principal and handles all related managerial duties.
  • Acts as military distributor in order to serve as the contractor to the military and perform all military labeling, packaging, invoicing and inspection reports.
  • Reduces administrative costs and paperwork by handling all requests for military parts and selling straight to government resellers.

Serving in any of these capabilities the company would make sure that their key aim is to submit competitive bids and work to obtain new approvals for shares which are not presently sold to the government.

So, if you are looking for commercial parts or any defense equipment which are exactly in accordance with your requirement then contact Megabite Inc. The company is considered as one of the leading distributor of defense equipment in the entire Brooklyn, New York.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that Megabite has been able to carve a niche as a distributor of defense equipment in the entire market of the United States and this something that is very much commendable.