Invoicing Tips for Fledgling Contractors

Whether you work in writing, construction or any other form of contracting, there are numerous perks to being your own boss. Provided you’re able to complete your assignments on time, you can essentially set your own schedule. However, it can’t be denied that the absence of a regular salary is among the primary downsides of working as an independent contractor. Since contractors are unable to depend on regular paychecks, it behooves clients to pay them for their work in a timely manner. Before they process payments, however, many clients require contractors to submit invoices. Fledgling contractors with minimal invoicing experience can benefit from heeding the following tips.


Be Prompt

If you don’t submit an invoice soon after completing the work you were contracted for, you can’t really fault a client for processing your payment late. In most cases, the sooner you submit an invoice, the sooner you’ll be paid for your work. Some contractors have so many clients that they simply forget to submit certain invoices, while others are afraid of seeming to pushy if they submit them right away. While this fear is certainly understandable, it’s important to understand that by completing your work, you’ve already upheld your end of the arrangement. As such, it’s perfectly reasonable for you to request payment for your services ASAP.

Be Professional

When working as a contractor, it’s imperative that you maintain an air of professionalism. In many respects, adopting a consistently professional attitude is more important for contractors than it is for people in traditional workenvironments. In addition to helping you hang onto existing clients, such an attitude will prove useful in attracting new ones. Being professional not only entails conducting oneself with dignity during in-person meetings and phone correspondences, it also extends to invoicing. This means using a professional template when putting together your invoices. Fortunately, you can easily create your invoices online at Aynax.com.

Be Courteous

As any longtime contractor can confirm, the occasional late payment is inevitable – and there are countless reasons for this. In some cases, invoices sent via email are detected as spam. In others, your message may simply escape the gaze of the person in charge of processing payments. Regardless of why a payment is processed late, it’s important to remember that more often than not, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for the delay. While there’s nothing wrong with contacting a client to inquire about a late payment, adopting a confrontational tone or aggressive attitude is extremely ill-advised, especially when being courteous will generate the same results. Furthermore, going into the exchange itching for a fight will greatly diminish your chances of receiving work from this client in the future.

Despite having its advantages, working as a contractor isn’t all fun and games. If you’re used to working in a traditional environment and receiving a consistent salary, making the jump to contracting is liable to seem jarring at first, as most people aren’t experienced in sending out invoices. To ensure that you’re paid for your services in a timely and convenient manner, take care to be prompt, professional and courteous when sending out invoices.